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On page Optimization vs. Landing Page optimization

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On page Optimization vs. Landing Page optimization

Landing page is created to be connected with links to a website; therefore, it drives traffic to your blog because, when any visitor or your target group clicks on a link, she or he is immediately directed to the main website of your products. However, it helps attract and create good impression to both prospective and new  customers through conversation, by asking questions, by discussing any products issues and the best way of welcoming more clicks on your website, thus, outfitting all your competitors in the marketing leading to more sales and profits.


You can use landing page in every PPC, ad and many other to make your target group reach to a place where they can learn more information about your products or services you offer in the market.

However, landing page is the most known used in promoting free eBook, a free printable  guest pass to an event in your store or shop, as a personalized destination in the resources  box from guest blog post and a well researched article in your hometown paper.

Actually, it is very easy to use landing page to personalize your social media links or platforms, such as, Twitter, face-book, LinkedIn and many others to users by offering them printable coupon. Landing page is an extension of your whole or full blog or website and it is will set to appear on a sub-domain, thus, helping you create single pages which explains or addresses the correct and the exact details or information of that your both new and prospective customers are searching for and one that is exact or straight to the keyword entered.

Landing page helps you know and measure the effectiveness of the external link by giving convenient and accurate details about the correct figure or number of the visitors clicking to the website on pay-per-click to the efficiency of the keyword bid.

Landing page

Landing pages are used as a target tools specifically made, to promote and optimize online visibility, sales and many more in bringing in converting visitors into potential customers by motivating them to act immediately in purchasing your products or services, hence, making your website good and attractive in improving  your business for more sales and profits. However, if you want your dreams to come true,  choose landing page as a tool in promoting your business and I promise you that, all your  long-term and short-term strategic goals will fulfilled, so, grab this opportunity because, it comes once in life time.

Why Should I Use Landing Pages? 

Landing pages are very important for a successful marketing campaign. They can, in fact, let you narrow your focus and remove the clutter from your pages that could distract your visitor from following your pages. In fact, it allows you to have a better control over your pages and at the same time can help your visitors to find much faster what they are looking for.


People who land on your page need to have immediate results. However, you should know that the ideal length of your land page depends largely on the goal of your page. The shorter page version resulted in 36% more customers than the longer one. It depends on the items you sell. For example, if it is a product of higher price, would likely have required a more in depth showcase of features and benefits.

What Does It Affect My Search Engine Ranking?

All search engines, like Google, depend on relevancy; that means they want people to find what they are looking for. So, if your site is an expert on this, you most probably will gain more visitors and out pass your competitors. And if you have built a really good landing page, then, in return, you can also improve the percentage of visitors that ultimately took the action you wanted. These people will eventually become your potential buyers and maybe for a long period of time. Actually, you should think of landing pages as signposts that direct the buyers into taking the next step.

What about Search Engine optimization?

On page SEO is perhaps the most important process not only for better positions but in addition for a successful online advertising strategy. Every strategy begins on the homepage and if your site is not optimized for both Google and customers, your possibilities for achievements are reduced.


Search Engine optimization or SEO simply speaking is just a term that encapsulates everything required to do to enhance your web site’s position in the different Search tools. This includes configuration configurations you’ve to use on the website (that’s on page SEO) and methods you can use outside the site (that’s off page SEO).

Is on-page SEO more important than off-page SEO?

To reach highest possible exposure on Google and keep your customers satisfied, you’ll need both off-page SEO and on-page SEO. However, on page SEO is more important and here is why?

1) Speak the Google language: It makes more feeling to start with on-page SEO and have it right rather than wanting to convince Google to offer better  rankings with off page SEO. These are programs (software) and they comprehend a certain terminologies. With SEO and especially on page SEO you ‘speak’ their language and your goal is to help them understand what you web page is about. In other words, the more alerts you can provide them with, the more are your chances of getting better positions.

2) On Page SEO is about the user as well: Never forget that the primary focuses on is to help keep your customers satisfied. Off Page SEO would bring visitors to the online site but if it is not correctly designed to keep them there, it is not user friendly, it will just send your visitors away, so disappointing.



3) Many sites fail: It’s awesome but it is real that nearly all sites today aren’t optimized for Google. Regardless of the plethora of information regarding SEO, many site owners feel that it doesn’t worth to even do SEO and they stop before beginning. For anyone, on-page SEO has too much to offer both when it comes to functionality and to visitors as well.

4) On Page SEO is sometimes all you want: If you should be having a website  for your business and you need to get local customers trying to find various terms on Google, then on page SEO is all you want to do.

When to Use a Landing Page

Not all pages are cut out to be landing pages. You will want to use landing pages for the following reasons:

* As destinations in your pay per click ads. You can create a different landing page for each keyword you want to use, so you will be able to test and see how each one of them performs and act accordingly.

* To create anticipation about a product launch. It’s actually a perfect way in order to tease your potential buyers for a new product release, even though the new item hasn’t finished yet.

* To segment your offers. Landing pages can help you to steer your visitors exactly where you want. People tend to choose different offers. For example, some people prefer coupons that can be printed and others online promo codes.

* To segment you audience. You can attract different group of people by providing different keyword pages, designed specifically for different kind of needs.

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