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How to Change your Blog’s URL from .in to .com in Blogger

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In the blogging world, the most important need of every blog owner is its traffic because without traffic, your blog is nothing and cannot do anything. There are thousands of things to boost up your traffic on your blog. But today, I will give you my first widget, which is blogger URL. Today I will discuss some easy steps to change a blog’s URL (from .in to .com) in blogger. Here are a couple of things to know about changing your URL.

How to change your URL?

>To start using Blogger, simply sign in with your Google account and open


>> Login with any  Gmail ID and password


  >> Go to >>> Your blog >>> Template >>> Edit HTML >>> 

>> Select template from the dropdown menu next to ‘view blog

>> Click on edit HTML button and find Header Tag eg: <header> and paste the code given below.

<!– Start script –>

<script type=”text/javascript”>

var blog = document.location.hostname;

var slug = document.location.pathname;

var ctld = blog.substr(blog.lastIndexOf(“.”));

if (ctld != “.com”) {

var ncr = “http://” + blog.substr(0, blog.indexOf(“.”));

ncr += “” + slug;




 <!– End script –>


>> Use Ctrl F to find the <Head> tag, paste the code given below in head tag, and save.





>> Now click on save “Template button”


>> Do Not Remove Credit Link.

>> And Don’t Remove Any Thing else, Otherwise It Will Not Work.

>> Click On “Save Template“.

> You’ve Done!
>> Now blog’s URL changed (.in to .com)


Final Words!

So friends, now your blog url has been changed to .com, this is a simple and easy way to change your blog url. I hope you will like this blog. If you have any problem in adding code, please ask in comments. Please share this post with your fellow bloggers, friends, and on social networks. There are many more widgets to come. So get in touch with us. Take care and happy blogging!

The Importance of On-Page Optimization

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What is On-Page Optimization?

On-Page Optimization is a technique used to make sure that websites are crawl-able by using a search engine spider. This technique makes it simple to get your website to the highest position of SERP’s. This will give it more opportunity to get experience. It will attract more visitors. This will result in improved conversions.


On-Page SEO is a very powerful technique that can be used to advertise your company. The website of your company can also be advertised on the internet. There are many things the On-Page SEO uses in order to get your website to the top position on popular search engines. These include: Google, Bling and Yahoo. On-Page optimization can change the content and text of your website. The process of SEO is very complex. However, is a vital facet of SEO?

Optimizing your website is incredibly important. Especially if you want the outcomes on-page optimization can give. Naturally, there are a lot of other advertising techniques that will assist you with getting to the top. However, on-page optimization will provide outcomes that are guaranteed, unlike other techniques.

On-Page-Optimization website

On-Page SEO Optimization Entails:

On-page optimization includes performing many roles. These roles are finalized by experienced professionals. It also includes these things:

The coding of pages

Creating headers

Developing content

Coming up with keywords

The use of ALT tags and Images

Once your website has all of these things in it, Google will always take this into consideration. If you want to get your website to the highest possible ranking in the SEO listings, then all of the above must be included in your website. Once your website has all of these roles, your website will certainly be moved higher in the rankings.

SEO has two vital sections within it. These sections are: off-page SEO and on-page SEO. If you want your website to be viewed on the internet, then both sections of SEO must be used. They are both equally as important as each other. Never think one is not as important as the other. We will now have a look at the reasons why on-page SEO is a must if you want your website to be a success.

On-Page Optimization

If you want your website to be ranked in SEO, you proof read every page on your website. All of the contents must make sense and be understood. This is what indexing is. SEO bots will then go through your website but only after all of the rules on your site have been implemented. The point of on-page optimization is to make sure that the viable rules are met in order to finalize indexing of your website.

Every website that is created must be developed around the rules of SEO. There are guidelines and best approaches that take you toward the right direction of SEO requirements. Having said this, the outcomes of this may be incredibly different. A lot of business does not understand the purpose of SEO. This means that their websites will not always meet the requirements to have a successful website on the internet. Because of this, SEO really must be used. If you do not use on-page SEO, you can be sure that your website will not go noticed.

Many search engines, such as Google, are constantly changing their ranking system. This means that the outcomes of excellent internet performances are also shifting a lot. The purpose of on-page SEO is that it makes sure that websites meet the latest requirements on the search engines.

Keyword analysis is a very important step of on-page SEO. After you have come up with the correct keywords, you will then get many visitors to your website. Competition analysis is also a part of keyword research. These are what put your website to the top position for ranking on search engines. Only then, your website will be a success.


Another vital thing about one-page SEO is coming up with keyword rich titles for your websites. The titles of good websites really are important for good Google ranking. The titles must suit the content of the website. It should also be easily found in a search engine. If you do not create a title for your website, then it may not be successful when keywords are being searched. This is a vital aspect for any business.

For Example, If You Have A Site Like Lockthecock.Com That Contains Content Related To Cock Cages, You Need To Fill Up Your Website Mostly With Sex Toys Related Content. Always Remember That Any Content You Publish On Your Site Has An Effect In Its Total Ranking In Google.Adding Irrelevant Content Will Suppress Your Ranking Abilities.

Content optimization and content review must be used in on-page optimization. All content included on your website has an incredibly vital role. The content on your website really must be relevant. It should also be useable. What one-page SEO does with your content, will give you more opportunity to become listed with the highest keywords.


Advanced on-page optimization approaches consider the vital parts of your website. These include: validation, the speed of your page and XHTML. So that your website is completely friendly with a search engine, these things play a very important part. Websites that contain more than two hundred checkpoints and a good percentage of these checkpoints will be available on Google. If your websites meet the requirements of Google, then they will be compatible thanks to the methods of thorough on-page optimization.

All you need to do next is make a few little changes to the content on your website. Your titles may also need to be slightly changed. This gets your website ready to meet the needs of good online performance. In order to make your website friendly with search engines, you really must take advantage of link building, social media network optimization and off-page SEO. With all of this, you can be sure your website will get to the top.

Before using any off-page optimization methods, you will need to do an on-page SEO audit. Once this has been done, your website will meet the rules of off-page optimization methods. If you do not do this, you will not only lose money and time, but you will not be very successful.


As soon as you have finished creating your website, you can then move to the on-page optimization process. This can also be done when you change the design of your website. Every new page will have to be proof read to be sure that meet the latest SEO requirements.

Final Thought: 

On-page optimization has a lot of advantages. The first advantage is that your website will be friendly with the SEO. It will also work well, and be powerful. It will also be able to be advertised easier. A website that is workable with SEO and search engines is a major advantage especially if you do it on your own with someone guiding you. The next advantage is that you will capture the attention of visitors your website is aimed at. This is because you have entered in the right keywords. Page title tags also assists with this. These tags however, are the first thing that visitors will notice. This means they should always be professional if you want to keep your visitors. Unique content also plays an important part on your website. This assists with optimization and provides visitors with worthwhile information that has not been repeated. Last of all, the search engines will understand what your website is about. As a result of this, you will get the rankings you need.


The vital aspect of on-page optimization knows whether or not blog posts will do well in search engines because of their title. Always use the correct keywords or phrases. These should be located towards the start of the title tag. Never have the same keyword twice in the title tag especially if you want improved rankings on Bling, Google and Yahoo. Always keep title characters to no more than sixty five characters. Always use spaces.

Site Analysis

Site Analysis