The Most Controversial Update- Humming Bird

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After great down fall in search ranking of websites due to the recent algorithm update namely Humming Bird, it is to be seen whether internet marketing services will be able to add to websites performance with the present standard or not. More honestly, every SEO company India depending on white hat services can survive this update very easily. Many SEO and SMO services providers have already given up conventional practices and added a new dimension to their marketing approach; not because they want to grow above competition, but because they want to protect webmasters from challenges that are thrown to them by changing optimization standards and rules.


They have emphasized unique content writing and applied powerful social media marketing strategy to secure high ranking position and sustain it in the toughest algorithm updates. The role of such SEO companies will never go waste rather help restore the rank position of sites in the quickly changing SEO World. In Humming Bird update, Google has focused more on semantics and tried to match mind of web user.

Many people are pissed off by Panda and Penguin, and they will only see the negative aspects of humming bird. Do not fall under that entice. If you are correct at what you are doing, these updates Google has been rolling out are opportunities to separate yourself from your competition. The update will help in filtering the spammed sites and can be beneficial to get good rankings for your website, if you are working well, however if you have been specializing in making content that has real price to potential customers, it will be counted in a good manner. These changes can assist you rise on top. If you have been doing the correct factors for your SEO you do not have to change your style of working.

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